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What We Offer


Designed for year 4 & 5 primary school children with an aim of raising aspirations so young people can progress into performance sport. We want to inspire through access to high quality facilities, training and opportunities as well as increase knowledge of an early framework for well-rounded athletes focusing on head, heart, body and team.

We want to give the opportunity to primary school children in year 4 & 5 who have been identified as gifted and talented, as well as being fully inclusive by encouraging schools to nominate children with additional needs who have been identified as talented or are involved in club sport external to school.

What's involved

The programme will focus on four main pillars of success for well-rounded athlete development. The head, heart, body model gives the sessions more meaning as they fit into a bigger picture framework.


A well rounded athlete is able to be strong in all areas. It is an important part of the model that they need to have an awareness of all four parts and come away from the programme having a clearer understanding and having developed in each of the areas.


This will ensure the young people have the right mind-set to compete and be able to understand and set achievable goals


This will help the young people to get an understanding of the physical attributes of an elite athlete and how to prepare their body for competition


The activities will focus on demonstrating determination, promoting the right values and being strong role models in and outside of sport


The team element looks at maximising the support systems around the young people so they have the most effective “Team You” as possible

Introduction to being a performance athlete



We look at what is involved in being a performance athlete from strength & conditioning training, looking at the commitment needed, to mental strength and goal setting.

How to be strong and healthy



This session we visit healthy diet and look at the nutritional values of foods and what helps fuel and and aid recovery of the body. We look at how athletes build fitness and resilience to be successful.

What makes a winning team



It is important that athletes value the support around them and in this session we look at team work not just as athletes but with parents/carers and siblings and friends. All athletes need to have a strong support network around them.

Celebrating success



Our final session brings everyone together including parents and teachers to showcase the talented young people involved and also have some fun. 

As the athletes take part in a fun activity we will run a short presentation and workshop with their support network so that everyone leaves with the knowledge and tools to achieve.


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Follow up

how to get involved

Schools are asked to nominate their talented children forward to the programme at the earliest opportunity.

We run 3 intakes per year across Tees Valley (venues TBC) with a final graduation event where all 3 cohorts come together with the families to celebrate their achievements.

Schools will be invoiced £85 per child taking part.

Contact Tracy Raynor to book your school spaces or to find out more.

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