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We are delighted to be able to launch an elite athlete bursary scheme, which will aim to target females and athletes from ethnically diverse communities ages 11 - 18. The funding is available for those competing at county and regional level and can be used to help pay for funding for travel, competition fees and low-cost equipment and kit.

Athletes will not only gain financial support, they will also receive support through Tees Valley Sport and will get access to a number of specialised workshops to help further develop them as an athlete and peer mentor support.

To find out more information about the fund - please email Mark Dobinson


To apply for the fund please click the link below -

Please note first round of bursary applications will close Friday 31st July

elite athlete bursary scheme

Project mission

We strive to REACH as many children and young people in order to raise their aspirations and give them a chance to showcase their talent and amplify their belief that they can achieve more in sport.

Project objectives

Place Based Working Approach

Place based working allows us to focus our attention on specific wards and localities that need our support the most. By narrowing our target areas, we can work closely with local providers, stakeholders, partners and key community representatives alongside local schools and sports clubs to ensure our interventions are effective, sustainable and bespoke.

By working in these more targeted areas we are able to embed r working within the community and ensure we work collaboratively with the people who are affected by it. Our place based working enables us to consult the local people and work with them to co-design the projects to fit the needs more specifically to these areas.

  • Create opportunities for children and young people to engage in talent pathway activity

  • Identify barriers and challenges in each area that children and young people face and implement interventions to help overcome these

  • Support already identified talent to maintain participation on performance pathways

  • Raise aspirations of children and young people through sport and physical activity to increase their belief in that they can achieve

  • Collaborate with local organisations to enhance the support network available to children and young people in each area

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