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ProGRAMME mission

Our aim is to support and educate performance athletes in Tees Valley to give them the skills and knowledge to achieve their sporting aspirations.

We want to be there to provide the extra sports support to take each of our athletes to their next level.


Previously Future Champions and Young Champions. The Future Champions programme launched as part of the 2012 London Olympic Games legacy. Young Champions came along in 2018 as an extension to the Future Champions with the aim of linking with primary school children identified as gifted and talented to give them a taste of the elite athlete experience.

10 years later with a well renowned reputation in Tees Valley and with Sport England it has evolved into AmpChampions, encompassing both Future and Young Champions programmes.

In 10 years the programme has supported over 500 athletes on their journeys with some going on to Commonwealth, Olympic, and World medals.


Not only has the programme supported athletes but also coaches from Teesside University have gone on to achieve great things at places like Australia Cricket Board, Paris St Germain FC, New York Mets, Middlesbrough and Sunderland football clubs.

The partnerships with Teesside Sport, Teesside University, Tees Valley Community Foundation, the local leisure providers, clubs and NGB's has allowed for the programme to support athletes in many different ways at no cost to the athlete or family. 

It is crucial that for Amplify to be a successful evolution of this programme that these relationships continue to flourish and we grow strong new partnerships with additional organisations.


Previously known as Young Champions. Our Pre-Amp programme takes the learning from previous years' work and enhances the offer to bring more than just a taste of performance sport to primary school children.

Working with year 4 & 5 primary school children we aim to raise aspirations so young people can progress into performance sport. We want to inspire through access to high quality facilities, training and opportunities as well as increase knowledge of an early framework for well-rounded athletes focusing on head (physiological), heart (drive and determination) body and team.



Previously Future Champions this programme supports performance athletes along their journey from county level performance to reaching the upper echelons of International, World, Commonwealth and even Olympic level.

AMPCHAMPIONS supports athletes with strength & conditioning training, injury prevention and physiotherapy, and access to local leisure facilities. As well as wrap around sport science support touching on nutrition, psychology, lifestyle management, training loading and the programme also reaches out to the coaches of the athletes so that the conversations and work load are managed with the athlete.

Our aim is to educate the athlete and the support network around them to ensure that strength & conditioning is embedded, valued and understood to help the athlete achieve their goals.

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