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Frequently asked questions

We have created this FAQs list in response to different queries we have received. If there is something you need to know that isn't on here please get in touch via email and we will try to answer directly. 

Once athletes are accepted on to the programme they will receive more in depth information at the athlete and parent induction.

  • Over what period of time do I need to complete the volunteering hours?
    The volunteering hours requirement is over the course of the 12 month programme. This is a relatively low hourly commitment and it is NOT per month.
  • Where is best to park when attending sessions?
    After 6pm some of the University car parks open up and you should be able to park there. Failing which Victoria Road is free after 6pm also. Please see the map here for info on which car parks are best advised. These leave a short walk to the entrance of the building. We recommend Car Park 9 - Students Union, Car Park 15 - Woodlands, and Victoria Road as the best opportunity for parking.
  • Can parents watch the sessions?
    Yes by all means. In fact we encourage parents to take time to watch the odd session to see what exercises and programmes the athletes are working on. There is seating around the outside of the labs to relax while you wait but feel free to observe the session from the entrance way to the labs.
  • Is there anywhere to get a coffee while the session is on?
    The University campus is very secure and access to buildings are staff or student card access only. This means the cafes on site aren't accessible. However... 1) Tesco Express have a coffee vending machine. 2) DeMelo just up from Tesco. 3) Creams have coffee tea cake milkshakes. 4) Aroma - formerly Al Fornos do coffees and food. Yellow Circle is S&C session. Red Circle numbered in list.
  • How do parents book the sessions for their child?
    We would much prefer that the athletes take ownership of their training and their time. Ideally the athlete should manage everything about the AmpChampions programme and liaise with parents/carers to plan their schedule. We really value this part of the programme and would ask parents/carers to support this and encourage their child to be organised and own their training.
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