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AMPChampions funding

The Funding Story

This funding was previously known as Pursuit of Excellence and was available to athletes across the Tees Valley.

Although we appreciate that different sports covert different costs we feel that there is a need to support more athletes in affording them the opportunity they may otherwise not have. Therefore we have made some changes in order to support those athletes who need it most. 


  • Funding is now also restricted to AMPChampions or previous Future Champions under 21 years of age.

  • Funding will only be considered for households with an annual combined income of less than £49k.

  • Funding will focus on areas of Low Socio Economic disadvantage, women & girls, the Black Asian Minority Ethnic groups, and disabled athletes. However, the funds will not be solely exceptional to these areas.

In addition, to award funds appropriately there will be a number of sliding scales to generate the final funding amount, for example

  • athlete performance level i.e. county = Low funding, International = High funding

application review board dates

  1. First Monday of March (applications deadline 28th February)

  2. First Monday of July (application deadline 30th June)

  3. First Monday of October (application deadline 30th September)

Apply now

Apply for funding here. Simply fully complete the form and hit submit. We will review your application at the next review board and you will hear back from us 1 week after that.

Have you received funding from us before?
If you are successful in receiving funding may we contact you to create a media story?
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