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Our Mission

Amplify aims to increase the opportunities available to talented young people in Tees Valley through raising aspirations, increasing self-belief, boosting potential and adding value to the other sporting pathways making high level performance achievable.

Amplify wants to work with the whole wrap around network of the athletes to ensure they have the necessary support at their disposal to achieve their goals.

Why amplify

verb: amplify;

  • increase the volume of (sound), especially using an amplifier.

Similar: louden, make louder, turn up, increase, boost, step up, raise, magnify, intensify, escalate, swell, heighten, add to, augment, supplement.

  • make (something) more marked or intense.

  • enlarge upon or add detail to (a story or statement).

Similar: expand, enlarge on, elaborate on, add to, develop, flesh out.

Amplify epitomises what all of our programmes for talented young people are about. Designing programmes with the young people for the young people. 

Icon Logo A black.png

The logo represents not only the 'A' of amplify but also the pyramid that is inherent in all performance sport where athletes work from the bottom up to the top level. 

The linear design of the 'A' reflects the journey that each young person will go on with turns and ups and downs along the way before achieving the end goal.

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